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18 live: "red three soldiers" boost the confidence factor into key rebound – Sohu securities Sohu securities news yesterday, although the external market has dropped slightly, but does not affect the A shares continue to rebound, the stock index rose 30.77 points to 2867.34 points, or 1.08%, turnover continued to enlarge, the Shanghai Stock Market turnover exceeded 200 billion yuan, reached 225 billion 960 million yuan. Analysts said the overall market is still expected to counterattack 3000 point, or will be under pressure. The market has three consecutive days of upside, long weakness have been revealed, the previous low of 2860 points also constitute a strong pressure. But in view of intraday sell-off is not obvious, so the short-term or continue to try to rally, intraday volatility is inevitable. For investors, in the near future to participate in the rally at the same time still need to beware of the risks of market stepped back. In the market stage by stage sideways, after the rally, volume showed moderate amplification pattern. After the holiday market funds face is still relatively loose, and "NPC and CPPCC" held positive intermediate rally to start. However, with the index over 2850 points to the "baby" area, next to face is the 3000 point test, while the volume will be a key factor to determine the A shares this rally can go far. Before NPC and CPPCC appears more difficult Bikong of rising prices, is likely to carry out the "three step back" concussion higher prices.

18日直播:“红三兵”提振信心 一因素成反弹关键-搜狐证券   搜狐证券讯 昨天,尽管外围市场有所回落,但并不影响A股继续反弹,最终沪指上涨30.77点,以2867.34点报收,涨幅1.08%,成交量也继续放大,沪市成交突破2000亿元,达到2259.6亿元。分析人士表示,整体看市场仍有反攻预期,3000点位置或将承受较大压力。大盘已连续三日上攻,多头疲态有所显露,前期低点2860点也构成较强压力。但鉴于盘中抛压并不明显,因此短期或继续尝试上攻,盘中震荡亦不可避免。对于投资者而言,近期在参与反弹行情的同时仍需提防市场回踩的风险。   大盘在经过阶段性横盘震荡后,节后展开反弹行情,成交量呈现温和放大格局。节后市场资金面仍较为宽松,且“两会”召开利好有利于中级反弹行情的展开。不过随着股指越过了2850点的“婴儿底”区域,接下来需要面对的就是3000点的考验,而成交量将是决定A股此轮反弹行情能走多远的关键因素。两会前较难出现逼空上涨行情,极有可能展开“三步一回头”的震荡走高行情。相关的主题文章:

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